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Micro Separators

Micro Separators

Micro Separators are designed to effectively remove as well as prevent contamination in fuel that is because of harmful bacterial growth. Working as an environment friendly option, the system supports removal of up to 99.5% of water and helps in maintaining the up-time of the machines.


  • Presence of new EN-590 and FAME standards that supports filtration & separation of contaminants from diesel fuel
  • Supports effective removal of bacteria, microbes, yeast and molds that lead to occurrence of sludge, sand, rust and acid
  • Safeguards common rail engines from this type of contamination
  • Safeguards engine from mechanical failures to fuel pump and fuel injector system
  • For removing water, sand and rust
  • For removing sludge formed by bacterial growth

Micro Separator Fuel Coalescer - MFC    Micro Separator Fuel Stabilizer - MFS

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