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Aluminium Die Casting Components

Aluminium Die Casting Components

Foundry Setup:
The company has set up an Aluminum gravity die casting foundry in August 2005. The company manufactures castings of various sizes ranging from 200 gram to 12.50 kg. The castings are required to be leak proof as a functional requirement. We have handled various aluminium- silicon-copper alloys like LM6, LM4, LM9 and LM25.
We use Electric melting furnace for melting and holding aluminium metal. The pouring is by Bailout type operation. Die operation is Hydraulic as well as Manual die stands.

Die Design and Manufacturing:
The company has expertise in 3D modeling and 3 Axis machining of Dies for gravity die casting operation. The Dies are designed in-house and manufactured with associates of the company. Mr. Satyajit Chitale, Director for the company is himself trained in 3D modeling and die machining with his experience in TATA Motors Ltd, Production Engineering Division.

Highlights of Manufacturing Capacity:
• Electric Melting furnace: 100 kg capacity- 25 kW rating with electronic control
• Diesel fired melting furnace: 100 kg capacity
• Hydraulic operated Die stand: Modular with capacity for interchanging Die
• Thermocouple based temperature sensors for metal temperature control
• Nitrogen degassing machine for degassing of molten charge
• Non-Contact type temperature sensing instrument for die temperature sensing.
• Vertical Band-Saw for fettling operation
• Metal treatment chemicals used are non-hazardous substance based.

Quality Standards:

The company has access to approved laboratories where material testing is done. Testing of incoming materials is a regular practice for each lot. Facility of Pressure Decay Leak Tester as well as Puncture testing is available and regularly used for castings.

The quality systems in the company are ISO9000 compliant and the company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification by ABS QE, Houston, USA.


Aluminium Die Casting Components
Aluminium Die Casting Components
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Aluminium Die Casting Components